The Chakra Clothing Company on line store is finally up and running!!!

We could not have done any of this without the tremendous enthusiasm and support we’ve received from family and friends. As a way to say thanks to everyone for all of their help, and in an effort to get people to the website and raise brand awareness, we’ve set up a coupon offering 30% off the retail price for all purchases. The coupon is redeemable on our website:

-Simply go to
– Fill your cart with as much as you want.
– When checking out enter the code CHAK44209b and 30% will automatically be deducted from your purchase!
– And if you order over $60 in clothes your shipping is free.

I need to ask your help to spread the word! Please re-post this on your facebook page, blog about it, tweet it; any help announcing that we’re open is sincerely welcomed and appreciated 🙂

The coupon expires on midnight on Friday August 3, 2012.

Thanks again for all of your support, friendship, love and encouragement. Thank you for believing in Chakra Clothing Company!


About chakrawear

Chakra Clothing Company is a community of talented and driven people who have one goal: combine the power of positive thinking and Eastern symbolism with the highest quality maternity and active wear. Description Conceived and based in Santa Monica, California CCC is located in the epicenter of America’s burgeoning yoga community. It was here that we got the idea to apply the power of positive thinking and imagery to the nascent baby developing within the mother. We believe in the power of motherhood, the power of positive thinking, the energy we create by our words, thoughts and actions. Most importantly, we believe that we all have the power to make the world a better place. Please follow us on twitter for fun quotes, inspirational stories and the latest product releases!
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